5 Social Selling Strategies for eCommerce Success in 2024

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Samita Nayak
Samita Nayak
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Businesses have been changing their selling strategies from time to time. As generation evolves, you need your business operations to be updated according to the tastes and buying methods of your potential customers. If you want your eCommerce business to succeed in 2024, you need to understand the behavior of your customers.

But how do you know your customers’ ever-changing tastes? Many brands and eCommerce companies use social selling as their major part of the business.

What Is Social Selling?

Social selling is the process of engaging with your potential customers and building a rapport with them, which eventually leads to marketing your business and selling your products. This process helps businesses to increase their brand value, and make more sales; better customer relationships can be built, especially through channels like mobile marketing.

What are the best social selling strategies for eCommerce businesses to succeed?

We’ve listed down a few strategies below to check your boxes.

1. Find the Relevant Channel

Choosing the right social media matters the most. You should be aware of where your customers hang out. If you’re a B2B business, most probably you will find your customers, not on Facebook, but on LinkedIn and Twitter. Because a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs are active on those platforms. But if you look to sell directly to customers, you can rely on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Engage with Your Customers and Listen to Them

Humans love to be human. Understand the behavior of your customers. Engage with them even when you do not intend to sell them anything. You’ll earn their trust when you reply to their tweets and posts and sometimes, comments. Recently we have been witnessing the major eCommerce brands being active on Twitter and replying to their comments. It increases the relationship between the buyer and seller thus leading to more sales.

3. List the Prospects and Follow Them Up

We are living in a peak era of digitalization. Technology rules more than anything. So, extracting data and the tastes of customers is very easy. Using this, the collection of data on which sector of customers likes to have what type of products makes the task easier. Keeping a list of warm prospects and bombarding them with offers might be an old tactic. But it works like anything. Mere offering them is not enough. You’ve to keep following them. So, including this strategy in your business will surely get you the results.

4. Show Social Proof

It’s a human tendency to look and do what the other person does. So, being a business owner when you tell your customers that a certain amount of your customers have purchased your product and are happy with that, then obviously at least a few percent of prospects turn into your customers. So tell the customers’ experiences to find new customers.

5. Promotional Offers

Overwhelming your customers with amazing offers is the best strategy which holds good for all ages. It need not be at the initial stages that you’ve to provide offers on purchasing. Seasonal discounts and giveaways with multiple purchases increase sales.

6. Use Blogs Effectively

Usually, the blog section for a business will not be used to its fullest. But telling your customers how they can benefit and ease their lives by using certain kinds of products from the market can help them. This know-how kind of section has been effective everywhere. When you give information and direct your customers by suggesting good and economical products, they trust you.

Many eCommerce businesses are successful in reaching customers and satisfying them. Effective use of social media as well as mobile commerce plays a major role in that.

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