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5 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your MarTech Stack

Marketers need to maintain a digital presence to reach, engage, and retain their audience. They need a robust set of tools to get help with complex data and processes to keep up with the needs of customers as they grow. Also, ensuring that the MarTech stack is optimized can help them engage with customers and get maximum ROI.

Ways to Get the Most Out of the MarTech Stack

Here are five ways to maximize the value of your MarTech stack.

1. Evaluate the Marketing Channel Strategy You Are Using

Understanding your marketing strategy and channels can help you select the best marketing technology for your needs. You can start this by analyzing your audience, competitors, and objectives. You can consider channels like social media marketing, email marketing, podcast marketing, video marketing, and more. Once you have a clearer picture of what channels you need to be active on, you can move on to deciding the best tools that can support you on those channels.

2. Analyze the MarTech Stack You Use Currently

Marketers hardly use the full capabilities of their existing stack. So, before you go looking for new tools, analyze your current stack, and figure out if you can use the tools in different ways to maximize your ROI. Start with defining your goals and strategies and then audit your platforms to identify the underutilized tools.

3. Invest in the Right Tools

It is important to have a clear understanding of your needs before investing in tools as it can help you from overspending or buying unnecessary tools. Before putting your money into the high-budget tools, assess what you need and what are the right tools for you. Point out the features and capabilities essential for your business by identifying the challenges with your current stack. The stakeholders should be involved in this decision and ensure that the tools you’re considering are aligned with your business requirements. Also, consider the time it would take for employees to get trained to use the new tools. Go for tools that can solve multiple challenges as they can help lower your costs and license fees.

4. Choose the Right Vendor for You

It is not only important to choose the right tools but also the right vendor. When going for a new solution, considering the company offering the solution is just as important. When deciding on a vendor, consider:

·  The stability of the vendor and how long they can continue to support and improve the product

·  The vendor transparency and long-term costs and hidden costs for training, configuration, and implementation

·  If they have a certification or third-party validation

·  If they offer a free trial before the agreement

5. Use MarTech for Aligning Marketing and Sales

When the marketing and sales teams are aligned, they can do wonders. This need for alignment is also essential for a good customer experience. The alignment between marketing and sales can be achieved by connected tools to create automated workflows that help get better insights into the customer journey.

Rajesh Tamada
Rajesh Tamada
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