5 Ways to Leverage User-Generated Content to Boost Your Branding Efforts

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Smriti Rajan
Smriti Rajan
Smriti Rajan comes from a political science and literature background, having an immense passion for writing across varied topics. She has written several articles and blogs for diverse audiences worldwide. She has produced several research publications, policy frameworks, and opinion pieces for think tanks, government institutions and corporates. Alongside this, she writes for a large Fortune 500 clientele and is a key contributing writer for Wikistrat on their EMEA desk. Currently, she resides in India.

How do you establish brand affinity and strike the correct balance in your advertising so that people favor you over your rivals? The answer is straightforward: By employing “User Generated Content,” you may establish consumer confidence by demonstrating your brand’s authenticity. 

To help you do it, here are 5 ways to leverage user-generated content, and all of them work!

1. Develop a Niche Brand

Before you begin to leverage user-generated content to boost your branding efforts, you first need a distinctive brand – one that stands out from your competitors. You may create your brand’s image with the aid of certain tools. The process of creating an overall brand involves many steps. Ultimately, you need to have a distinct (and sincere) brand voice and personality. 

The secret to creating a unified brand is to assess what matters to your company and what your target market values. We’re discussing things other than the goods and services you provide—in other words, intangibles.

2. Build a Progressive Online Community

Building an online community is necessary for any business to be successful, and you can do this by giving your customers access to a membership site where they can express their opinions and debate your brand and products. Working along with your customers can enable them to supply you with the user-generated content you require to strengthen your brand, and it’s self-promotional!

3. Promote Hashtags in Your Content

Starting a hashtag campaign is a great approach to involve your audience, especially if you’re promoting your brand on Instagram. Your hashtag campaign can be driven by asking customers to submit photographs that highlight your brand. This is enough of an incentive, but you can add another incentive and generate real buzz by putting your community to the test with a contest-based strategy. 

This strategy encourages individuals to spread the word about your business by word-of-mouth marketing and demonstrates to them that you are open to their feedback and willing to return certain favors, both of which foster trust.

4. Encourage Testimonials from Customers/ Clients

Positive customer/ client testimonials will help you build your brand, but video testimonials will help your brand reach new heights. You must encourage and use reviews since corporate marketing strategies lack authenticity and customers are aware that they are merely being marketed to. The good news is that you can do this easily while using social media. You may convince customers that you are the real thing by incorporating their opinions into your brand promise.

5. Actively Share and Promote Customer Reviews/ Feedback

The amount of user-generated material will increase as your community does. The time is now to monitor your communities’ postings regularly and highlight all the good things people are saying about you. Using the appropriate tools to repost your customers’ content is a terrific marketing tactic. As your followers will be thrilled to be recognized, it’s a terrific approach to spread the word about your business and inspire others to interact with it more frequently.

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