10 Truths About Marketing After the Pandemic

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Rajesh Tamada
Rajesh Tamada
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The pandemic has changed the ways businesses function. The needs of the people have changed compelling businesses to go the extra mile to stay successful. Marketing after the pandemic is not the same. The rules followed by businesses for marketing have changed after the pandemic.

Truths About Marketing After the Pandemic

Here are ten changed truths about marketing after the pandemic.

1. You Are Not Competing with Your Competitors but with the Last Best Experience Your Customer Had

Digital transformation rose to another level when the pandemic hit, making customers expect a lot more from companies. Customers now expect much more than just seamless digital transactions and to win over customers, you need to offer them a greater experience.

2. Marketing Begins with Knowing Your Customer Segment

The brands must target specific consumers based on their preferences and relevance. For this, brands need to do thorough research to understand their customer segment by understanding the situation in all geographical locations they can serve. Marketing messages also need to be personally relevant to consumers.

3. Customers Expect You to Offer What They Want

Customers don’t hope they get what they want anymore. Rather, they expect you to provide exactly what they want when they want it. They expect all experiences to be frictionless, relevant, and connected. Creating these kinds of experiences requires companies to use the right data and tech. This means that you have to incorporate machine learning and AI at some level.

4. Relationships Are Not Just Important, They Are Everything

It is important to build relationships with your customers based on trust. The trust you get from customers is fundamental to the success and growth of your company.

Companies rely heavily on personal data obtained with consent from consumers. They need to comply with the regulations on consumer privacy to ensure security and design transparent interfaces for privacy controls.

5. Customers Must Be at the Heart of Your Customer Journey

Marketing is just the beginning of your relationship with the customer. The journey includes engaging them, converting them, and retaining them as customers. When building the strategy for the customer journey, the customer experience must be the top priority.

6. Your Brand Should Stand Behind Great Values, Not Just Products

Customers don’t just go for good products anymore. They want to buy from brands that support values and important causes. While quality, price, and convenience still matter to customers, they also look for other factors like ethical sourcing, sustainability, trust, and social responsibility.

7. Courting Customers Is Similar to Online Dating

There is now a shift from marketing to building reach to marketing to generate leads. Instead of blindly going for mass or targeted reach, you should use data and algorithms to reach your potential customers and engage them to convert.

8. Marketing Is Not Just Important but at the Center of the Growth Agenda for the Full C-Suite

During the pandemic, marketing got elevated within the C-suite as a leader in the customer journey.

9. Agility Is a Modern Marketing Approach, Not Just a Technology Process

Agility is a must to survive in the market today. Agile marketing includes listening to the consumer continuously, not just to improve marketing but also to capture the consumer sentiment.

10. You Need the Right Balance of Factors Including Your Tech Stack to Drive Modern Marketing Success

 You need to have a balance of the right tech to drive results. Use the right tech and ensure that people have the right skills to employ it effectively.

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